Wednesday, December 22, 2004

"The United States of Leland" DVD review.

Can "Why" actually be answered?

“Why” is open to everyone! The United States of Leland is about Leland P. Fitzgerald; a teenager who just killed his girlfriend’s mentally challenged younger brother. How does this affect everyone around Leland? This movie explores those different points of view.
The United States of Leland is written and directed by Matthew Ryan Hoge. Don Cheadle (Pearl) and Ryan Gosling (Leland) are the major actors. Pearl is a writer/teacher with aspirations of writing another novel that is actually read by someone this time. He meets Leland in a youth detention center. Pearl befriends Leland hoping to get what no other person could get a “Why!”
Ryan Gosling does an outstanding portrayal of Leland. Leland leaves you thinking about your own father. And leaves unanswered questions in your own head: How can a seemingly “good” kid be a cold-blooded killer? How come he can’t remember the murder?
Kevin Spacey plays Leland’s fatherless father (Albert T. Fitzgerald) and best-selling author. Mr. Spacey also is part of the production company for this movie. (Tigger Street Productions) Albert cares little about his son Leland, but is trying to get his next bestseller out of him.
Do I dare to categorize this as an artsy movie! I guess it depends on what the definition of an artsy movie is. Does it make you think after seeing it? Does it answer life’s questions?
Can a movie do that? All I know is that it got me thinking.
What is replaying in my head from this movie; “To be a writer someone has to actually read your sh$t!” Pearl says.
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