Friday, June 23, 2006

Thirza Defoe's audio broadcast

Thirza will be performing with the Native Theatre Project today on the AIROS network.
Starts at 8:00 p.m. Central Time.
"The Best Place to Grow Pumpkins" is the audio play.

There are three plays that will last 2 1/2 hours.
Native Actors include but not limited to:
Randy Reinholz, Jean Bruce Scott, Arigon Starr, Kalani Queypo, Carolyn Dunn, Thriza DeFoe, Rose Yvonne Coletta, Robert Vestal, Brian Wescott, Jana Lopez, Mary Cordova, Lavonne Andrews, Ian Skorodin, Patty Gomez, Don Priest and Rhiana Yazzie.

The Best Place to Grow Pumpkins by Rhianna Yazzie (Navajo), Super Indian by Arigon Starr (Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma) and Melba's Medicine by Rose-Yvonne Colletta (Lipan-Mescalero Apache).

Monday, June 19, 2006

FOX Broadcasting Company: Hell's Kitchen

The best show on right now! Can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Would you serve this at your restaurant? Yes. (Chef Ramsay) I'll ask again. Would you serve this at your restaurant? No.

Standards people. Standards. Not many restaurants adhere to Chef Ramsays.


FOX Broadcasting Company: Hell's Kitchen

Court Approves Racino's Non-Slot Machines

Court Approves Racino's Non-Slot Machines: "In this case, the operators did everything right:
Experts designed the game. Multimedia Games, Inc., a large and experienced supplier of Class II and III gaming devices developed the sweepstakes with outside consultants.
Free alternative means of entry were easily available, so that everyone knew they did not have to spend any money to enter this sweepstakes.
They offered a legitimate product at a legitimate price: $1 for four minutes was the going rate for Internet time.
Many patrons did buy the service. The North Dakota Supreme Court held a sweepstakes selling one-minute phone card for $1 was a sham when patrons threw all the cards in the trash.
They checked first with law enforcement. In May 2005 the operators demonstrated the sweepstakes to the Alabama Attorney General's office, supplied additional requested documents and were told that the A.G. considered it to be legal.
They avoided the technicalities of the anti-gambling laws. For example, under Alabama law, a slot machine must be used in the play of the game. Here, the electronic readers did not contain a random number generator; they merely displayed a predetermined result imprinted on the Qcard. "

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 06/16/2006 | Lions Club back in pull-tab business

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 06/16/2006 | Lions Club back in pull-tab business: "Lions Club back in pull-tab business
Venture finds a new home
Pioneer Press
The Cottage Grove Lions Club's biggest source of moneymaking is back.
After a two-month hiatus, the group is selling pull-tabs again, this time at a new location just outside of Cottage Grove � the County Point Restaurant in Denmark Township.
'We're pleased to be back in operation so we can continue to do the charitable work that we do,' said Charlie Anderson, the club's gambling manager.
The organization faced a financial crunch earlier this year when pending redevelopment of the Cottage Square Mall meant the demolition and closure of the New Moon Restaurant. The Cottage Grove Lions Club had sold pull-tabs there dating back to 2000, raising nearly $95,000 annually from the sales.
Lions Club officials said at the time they were unable to find a new location to sell pull-tabs in Cottage Grove. Had a location not been secured, the loss of funds would have affected scores of local organizations."

Lottery to soon debut new look - The Olympian - Olympia, Washington

Lottery to soon debut new look - The Olympian - Olympia, Washington: "Lottery to soon debut new look

Washington lottery players can expect new green tickets July 2, the date the state-run gambling enterprise switches to new machines in its retail outlets.
The switch comes at a time the state Lottery is struggling to maintain its share of the state's exploding gambling market. But the change is not expected to boost the state's shrinking share of the $1.7 billion that gamblers lose each year in Washington.
The change in ticket stock is tied to the installation of new ticket-dispensing machines that are more up to date and use a touch-screen function, Lottery spokeswoman Jacque Coe said.
'The machines we have are old by lottery technology standards,'' Coe said.
'Whereas the old lottery terminals were push-button, these are intuitive; they are touch screen. So they are easier for the retailer to operate.''
'On July 2, we'll go ahead and flip the switch. It'll go live,'' Coe said.
Among South Sound retailers with new gear already installed is Farelli's Pizza and Pool Co., off Yelm Highway south of Lacey.
'It's OK,' Corrine Heck, gambling manager for Farelli's, said of the ticket-dispensing machine Friday.
'I'm so used to the other one, it seemed a little faster. But this one is smaller, and it fits better in the space we have for it.''
As for customers, 'They just want more winners,'' Heck said.
Indeed. The changes in machinery come at a time when the state Lottery is steadily losing its share of the gambling market. The Lottery has seen its overall take of the state gambling dollar plummet in the past decade, dropping to 10 percent last year from 35 percent in 1996, according to data kept by t"

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 06/16/2006 | Pull-tab seller accused of unfair play

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 06/16/2006 | Pull-tab seller accused of unfair play: "Pull-tab seller accused of unfair play
Prosecutors say employee illegally won $1,500 on the job
Pioneer Press
A Moorhead, Minn., woman who sold pull-tabs at a Withrow bar and restaurant has been accused of fraudulently winning more than $1,500 last year while on the job.
Prosecutors say Judith Rae Hanson, 57, who ran the game for the Bayport American Legion at Sal's Angus Grill, illegally won nine prizes from July through October and registered the winnings under the names of others. She faces gross misdemeanor charges of illegal playing and gambling fraud.
Hanson left the Legion in October. She said Thursday she has not seen the charges and declined to comment.
It's illegal for pull-tab sellers to play the games while selling tickets, gambling officials say, because they might use inside information to give themselves an unfair advantage.
'Whenever sellers are playing, they're cheating,' said Special Agent Cliff Emmert of the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division of the state Department of Public Safety.
Pull-tabs are a regulated form of gambling that charities and other nonprofit organizations use to make money. Customers generally buy them in bars from a bartender or someone in a booth, usually for a dollar each. Players can win $1 to $500"

Saturday, June 10, 2006

DVD review for The New World 2006

Beautifully filmed!

This film is Director Terrence Malik’s script interpretation of the first meeting between 17th Century Virginia’s Native Tribes and European colonists. It is marketed as Pocahontas’s (Q’orianka Kilcher) first meeting/love affair with explorer John Smith. (Colin Farrell)

Mr. Malik’s signature film shows the love story between curious, playful Pocahontas and the conflicted explorer John Smith. Language, age and environment barriers are shown through the eyes of Mr. Malik. The nod for Cinematography is not by chance. This beautiful looking film is deliberately lacking dialogue for historical effect that showed the true ethnic barriers. A narrative voice is utilized for effective story telling of John Smith’s writtens.

The romance and passion between two totally different ethnic people from different cultural roles are encompassed in this historical noted timeframe. The clash or initial meeting of ethnic races was just the start of things to come. The brutal reality of that era is portrayed authentic by Malik. But first and foremost this film is a love story shown through the eyes of a one-of-a-kind director Terrence Malik utilizing body movement and visualization.

The “making of” bonus material is worth a viewing. The behind the scenes chapter tells a story of the rough conditions and preproduction detailed events of trying to give this film an authentic 17th century Virginia settlement feel. I.e. Tribal movement, dress, dialog and set construction.

If you are looking for Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans or a Black Robe film this is not it. This is an artsy film telling a stunning visual love story.