Saturday, March 26, 2005

Favre (2004) Book/DVD review.

By Brett Favre and Bonita Favre
DVD “In Their Own Words: Brett Favre”

Legends last a lifetime!

This book and DVD combo is the ultimate Brett Favre football career highlights. (So far!) “Favre” takes the reader to the earliest years of Brett Favre with his father Irv Favre. Irv coached Brett to have fun playing football. Always. Irv instilled hard work and discipline for all of his sons. Then the book takes the reader to Brett’s NFL years including last years (2004) amazing Monday Night Football game versus the Oakland Raiders. (One day after the death of his father.) Brett tells you what he was thinking and feeling at each highlighted moment.

Contributing writers include: Mark Bowden’s “Love of the Game”, Terry Bradshaw’s “The Best” and Peter King’s “Legend.” Chris Havel (Sports columnist for the Green Bay Gazette), Bonita Favre and Deanna Favre write intimate stories that only can be cherished by the reader.

Being from Packer country I have known the lean years of Packer football. But all Packer fans every year was going to be there year to make the playoffs. Lynn Dickey, James Lofton and John Jefferson come to mind in my time. Those teams were always compared to the Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr championship years. But always came up short.

Bob Harlan hired Ron Wolf. He hired coach Mike Holmgren. Together they brought in Reggie White and Brett Favre to bring a championship back home to the smallest market in the NFL. And they did!

I was very fortunate to see Brett’s Favre replace Don “Majik” Makowski. The gunslinger never looked back. And know the Packers are expected to make the Super Bowl every year. A far cry before Brett Favre!

This book/DVD combo is must for every Packer fan. All NFL football fans will appreciate and treasure our future Hall of Fame quarterback. As a note, NFL films produce the DVD so you know it is the best quality. The book features detailed, action photographs from Mark A. Wallenfang.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Amazing Race

Sorry. I missed this epispode so I'll have to check out the CBS website for information.

Those damn last minute sit downs? I just caught a glimpse of the elminated couple. Mom and son.

CBS - The Amazing Race

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

FX Networks

I am relieved to have Tuesday to see a new episode of The Shield. What do you think of the new Captain? Glenn Close?

FX Networks

CBS - The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is the best reality show on TV! On this episode Debbie and Bianca get lost after two hours off course. The only team that thinks 100 miles takes two hours to find a marker.
Meanwhile Rob and Amber are playing it smart. Eat four pounds of meat or take a penalty. Rob convinces other teams to take the same penalty, thus he knows he will not be the last team to the pit stop. That is a Survivor move if I ever saw one. This is the first Amazing Race that a team is so blatant in tricking other teams for personal gain. Stealing Debbie and Bianca's cab is mean and excellent at the same time. Until they review the tape after being eliminated.

Rob is playing a Survivor game with the Amazing Race teams. Will his antics hold up? Time will tell. He drops to fifth place after quitting the four pounds of meat. I think as teams get eliminated it will be tougher for him to trick others.
I think the strongest team is Alex and Lynn. The brothers Brian and Greg need to hit into high gear and use their strength to pull to the forefront. Please stop walking while everyone else runs.

Until the next episode.

CBS - The Amazing Race

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Pulltabs: "Increase pulltab revenue
Can bingo, blackjack, slot, and pulltab players coexist in the same casino? Yes. Competition comes in all forms. Increasing revenue by battling customer bases with the nearest casino competition is challenging enough in itself. Challenging other in-house gaming devices does not.
Pulltabs in a casino environment face a continuous struggle to survive among the numerous slot machines and blackjack tables. Pulltabs, when sold to bingo customers only, face similar competition with bingo dollars. Pulltabs (instant win tickets) face huge competition among the gambling masses searching to find that one big win or numerous small wins.
How do you attract customers to purchase pulltabs without a huge promotional budget?
How do you crossover bingo, slot and blackjack players to pulltab players?
The answer is utilizing the pre-existing pulltab sales staff. Give them pulltab specific sales techniques. Train the sales staff to sell pulltabs like individual products rather than one single entity. Like a reputable car sales person knowing and anticipating every possible question about any model car on the lot, when answered without hesitation, the consumer fells at ease to purchase. The car sales person must know the engine specifics, seating capacity, cargo space and towing capabilities. The pulltab sellers must know elements like tiers, win-ratio of playback winners and top prize amounts. And how these lead to point-of-sale increases."

Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter - Native Americans: Ban logos

Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter - Native Americans: Ban logos: "Native Americans: Ban logos
Tribal leader calls for end to symbol usage
By Amy weaver
Herald Times Reporter
MISHICOT � There will always be some people who disagree with the Native American mascot used at Mishicot High School.
The head of the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council called on lawmakers Tuesday to ban Wisconsin schools from using American Indian logos, mascots and what he described as other discriminatory images.
But Mishicot School District Superintendent Steve Cromell said the symbol has always been a source of pride for students and village residents.
The mascot issue garnered much debate two years ago when a committee began studying the issue after students complained how hard it was to get behind an orange �M,� instead of a true mascot. After much discussion and deliberation, the school board agreed to retain the 60-year-old moniker, but developed a policy advocating its proper use.
Raymond DePerry, chairman of the Red Cliff Chippewa and president of the tribal council, spent much of the first State of the Tribes address on the issue. He closed by applauding school districts that voluntarily stopped using those images, which he said are a form of discrimination against the tribes and their members.
�It is unfortunate that we must ask our Legislature to enact legislation outlawing such practices in our public schools,� DePerry said. �But it is even more painful that local school boards and public schools have allowed such practices to continue.�
Cromell wasn�t the superintendent in Mishicot at the time of the school board�s decision, but has reviewed the process.
�There�s not a more frank and open discussion used,� he said. �The people in this community took a pretty hard stance to keep what they had.�
" "Sen. Schultz: Statement Regarding the State of the Tribes Address

For Immediate Release

Contact Todd Allbaugh 800.978.8008

(Madison) 'It was an honor to participate in the first ever State of the Tribes address today given by Ray DePerry, Chairman of the Red Cliff tribe and President of the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council.'

'It was an extraordinarily moving event to watch the colors being presented by members of the various tribes of Wisconsin and to have the prayer offered in the language of native peoples of our state.'

'I agree with President DePerry when he said, 'Today marks a new beginning for tribal relations with the state.' It was clear we have a joint goal in making Wisconsin a better place to live, work, and raise our children, regardless of our ancestry. Native Americans are not an isolated group. As President DePerry said they are, 'Our neighbors, co-workers, and friends.''

'For too long, we have not given the proper recognition to fellow Wisconsinites who are native to this state. I commend Speaker John Gard for taking the first step and initiating this inaugural State of the Tribes address. Communication is so important to understanding, and understanding leads to greater cooperation and tangible results, which improve the lives of every citizen. Speaker Gard understands this, and I was honored when he asked the State Senate to participate.'

'Today marks a new era in our relationship with all Native American tribes in Wisconsin; those represented here today and those not present. We may not always agree, however we will not let our disagreements prevent us from showing the honor and respect that our friends deserve. I look forward to working with all tribes of Wisconsin to build a better state which moves all of its "