Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Pulltabs: "Increase pulltab revenue
Can bingo, blackjack, slot, and pulltab players coexist in the same casino? Yes. Competition comes in all forms. Increasing revenue by battling customer bases with the nearest casino competition is challenging enough in itself. Challenging other in-house gaming devices does not.
Pulltabs in a casino environment face a continuous struggle to survive among the numerous slot machines and blackjack tables. Pulltabs, when sold to bingo customers only, face similar competition with bingo dollars. Pulltabs (instant win tickets) face huge competition among the gambling masses searching to find that one big win or numerous small wins.
How do you attract customers to purchase pulltabs without a huge promotional budget?
How do you crossover bingo, slot and blackjack players to pulltab players?
The answer is utilizing the pre-existing pulltab sales staff. Give them pulltab specific sales techniques. Train the sales staff to sell pulltabs like individual products rather than one single entity. Like a reputable car sales person knowing and anticipating every possible question about any model car on the lot, when answered without hesitation, the consumer fells at ease to purchase. The car sales person must know the engine specifics, seating capacity, cargo space and towing capabilities. The pulltab sellers must know elements like tiers, win-ratio of playback winners and top prize amounts. And how these lead to point-of-sale increases."
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