Wednesday, March 09, 2005 "Sen. Schultz: Statement Regarding the State of the Tribes Address

For Immediate Release

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(Madison) 'It was an honor to participate in the first ever State of the Tribes address today given by Ray DePerry, Chairman of the Red Cliff tribe and President of the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council.'

'It was an extraordinarily moving event to watch the colors being presented by members of the various tribes of Wisconsin and to have the prayer offered in the language of native peoples of our state.'

'I agree with President DePerry when he said, 'Today marks a new beginning for tribal relations with the state.' It was clear we have a joint goal in making Wisconsin a better place to live, work, and raise our children, regardless of our ancestry. Native Americans are not an isolated group. As President DePerry said they are, 'Our neighbors, co-workers, and friends.''

'For too long, we have not given the proper recognition to fellow Wisconsinites who are native to this state. I commend Speaker John Gard for taking the first step and initiating this inaugural State of the Tribes address. Communication is so important to understanding, and understanding leads to greater cooperation and tangible results, which improve the lives of every citizen. Speaker Gard understands this, and I was honored when he asked the State Senate to participate.'

'Today marks a new era in our relationship with all Native American tribes in Wisconsin; those represented here today and those not present. We may not always agree, however we will not let our disagreements prevent us from showing the honor and respect that our friends deserve. I look forward to working with all tribes of Wisconsin to build a better state which moves all of its "
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