Saturday, June 30, 2007

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State lottery seeks revenue boost from TV show, multistate game - FOX23 News

State lottery seeks revenue boost from TV show, multistate game - FOX23 News:

"The Hot Lotto game has the same format as Powerball, which is already offered in Oklahoma, and has had an average jackpot of $4.5 million over the past year, Scroggins said.

'Hot Lotto is a game that looks and plays almost exactly like Powerball - it's just better odds and lower prizes,' Scroggins said.

Scroggins hopes the additions will help generate excitement for the lottery, which is projected to finish the fiscal year with $214.7 million in gaming revenues - far short of initial projections. Scroggins blamed the shortfall on competition from tribal casinos and horse racing tracks, the need for additional gaming options and illegal gambling.

Lottery revenues could be helped by also adding video poker, keno or pull-tabs, Scroggins said. "

Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana - Fourth of July activities

Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana - Fourth of July activities:

"Adult games include a raffle with four $100 cash prizes, Texas poker and pull tabs. "

More Fourth fun

More Fourth fun:
"Coon Rapids celebrates today through Wednesday with carnival rides, free concerts, pull tabs and bingo, food and beverages and fireworks at 10 p.m. Wednesday at Sand Creek Park, 1008 Northdale Blvd. (763-767-6565, ext. 601). " Jenkins says Pequot Tool may expand 06/13/07 Jenkins says Pequot Tool may expand 06/13/07:
"Council hears charitable gambling request
The Patriots Athletic Club is seeking a gambling premises permit to sell pull-tabs at Underdogs Bar and Grill along with the youth hockey organization. Brett Dale says the group already has a lease and requested the Council put the needed resolution on the July 2 meeting agenda. The club already is selling pull-tabs at PestelloUs and will be starting sales at Manhattan Beach Lodge this summer."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Police arrest 3 people in pea-shake gambling raid |

Police arrest 3 people in pea-shake gambling raid
"Indianapolis metropolitan police arrested three people in a Near-Northside gambling raid Wednesday.

It was the second time in over a month that the pea-shake house in 1500 block of Columbia Avenue has been raided. Four people who were at the house Wednesday had been present during the previous raid.
Michelle Tunstall, 46; Frank W. Long, 54; and Michael W. Patterson, 52, all of Indianapolis, were arrested on charges of promoting professional gambling. Nine other people were cited for visiting a common nuisance.
Police said pull tabs and baseball pool tickets were being sold at the house, the same items that were being sold during an April 12 raid.
Vice officers said that when they arrived about 10:30 a.m. to serve the search warrant, Long was acting as a lookout, using a two-way radio to warn the people inside. Long and Tunstall face additional preliminary charges of obstruction of justice for using the radios. Several radios were seized in the raid, along with $2,000 in cash."

Gambling and taxes dominate town meeting | The Star Press - - Muncie, IN

Gambling and taxes dominate town meeting The Star Press - - Muncie, IN: "MUNCIE -- Huge property-tax increases and a crackdown on illegal gaming like drawings and pull tabs in local taverns dominated discussion during a legislative town hall on Wednesday.
'Is that a possibility that taxes will raise that high?' retired auto worker Mike Burns asked about recent reports of skyrocketing property tax bills."
"Because of declining attendance at bingo games, more Franklin County charities are hosting Texas Hold'em poker fundraisers.
Dave Cobb is organizing a Texas Hold'em fundraiser for the American Legion Post 7 this weekend. The Legion will use the money to purchase care packages for soldiers overseas and to support veterans and their families.
'Bingos have normally been a large source of revenue, but they are not doing as well as they have been,' Cobb told The State Journal. 'Texas Hold'em is a hot item, they are playing it all over the place, and I thought we should give it a shot ourselves.'
The poker tournament will be 9 p.m. Saturday at the Legion post on Versailles Road. A $75 buy-in gives players $2,000 in chips and they can purchase additional chips for $30 per rebuy. The first place prize is $5,000, but will be adjusted if less than 150 players attend.
Cobb said a number of factors have contributed to a decline in bingo profits, including high gas prices and the smoking ban which went into effect last year. With high gas prices, people have less money to spend on entertainment, Cobb said. Many players have also left because they can't smoke any more during games, he said."

Gambling crackdown coming | The Star Press - - Muncie, IN

Gambling crackdown coming The Star Press - - Muncie, IN:

"We won't approve a license until the (gambling-related) fine is paid,' said Clevenger, who is joined on the ABB by John Sutters and James Lutton.
The excise police crackdown on drawings, sports pools and pull tabs in bars and restaurants comes in the wake of last year's arrest of Delaware County resident John Neal on video gambling and money laundering charges. That investigation led to the shutdown of bars -- in Delaware, Madison and Henry counties -- with ties to Neal and his video gaming empire.
The ABB oversees alcohol sales in nearly 1,000 bars, clubs, restaurants, groceries, drug stores, convenience stores and other retailers. Muncie has 56 restaurant and bar permits, over the city's quota of 45.
Clevenger said a new retailer, Gas America, recently applied to sell warm beer and wine, also noting that some bars connected to Neal remained closed."