Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gambling crackdown coming | The Star Press - - Muncie, IN

Gambling crackdown coming The Star Press - - Muncie, IN:

"We won't approve a license until the (gambling-related) fine is paid,' said Clevenger, who is joined on the ABB by John Sutters and James Lutton.
The excise police crackdown on drawings, sports pools and pull tabs in bars and restaurants comes in the wake of last year's arrest of Delaware County resident John Neal on video gambling and money laundering charges. That investigation led to the shutdown of bars -- in Delaware, Madison and Henry counties -- with ties to Neal and his video gaming empire.
The ABB oversees alcohol sales in nearly 1,000 bars, clubs, restaurants, groceries, drug stores, convenience stores and other retailers. Muncie has 56 restaurant and bar permits, over the city's quota of 45.
Clevenger said a new retailer, Gas America, recently applied to sell warm beer and wine, also noting that some bars connected to Neal remained closed."
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