Thursday, August 13, 2015

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Publicity and Promotional

Publicity and Promotional

  Gamblers will play any form of gambling if they know the basics playing odds.  This little known gaming ticket, if played right, can be the best chance of winning in a casino or bingo hall.  Vendors and/or distributors of gaming products are always looking for books on specialty items to sell to customers.

Working in the gaming industry for 10 years, the author has met many customers that are looking for a pulltab book.  In addition, distributors have asked the author “Why have you sold so many pulltabs?” or “What do you do to sell so many pulltabs?”  The Insider’s Guide Pulltabs will accomplish explaining what pulltab players needed.
  Pulltabs are sold in bingo halls around the country.  Targeting bingo halls around the country along with the bingo players who frequent them is a great outlet for distribution of the book. There are many gaming expositions held around the country that exclusively cater to gamblers. 
  In Washington and Minnesota states, pulltabs are sold in the majority of bars and gas stations.  In addition, Alaska has many pulltab outlet stores that sell pulltabs as an exclusive gaming device.

 Gaming experts from around the world are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line.  Bingo halls, churches and fund raising organizations are looking for other ways to raise money.  These organizations can use The Insider’s Guide Pulltabs for:

¨      Premium Giveaway-Gives players the knowledge and odds of winning at pulltabs, thus increasing the profit margin.  Will get the cost of book back with increased play.

¨      Create cross-selling between gaming devices-Bingo, slot, blackjack and poker players will play pulltabs if they know the odds of winning at pulltabs.  The huge customer base established by casino’s tracking spending habits can be used for a direct mailing of the book to create a cross-selling effect.

¨      Boost existing sales-Giving gamblers the knowledge of pulltab play will increase their likeliness of trying more pulltabs.  The marketing and contest’s in The Insider’s Guide Pulltabs will increase their profit.

¨      Give a “How to” guide to potential new players- How to win, sell and profit are very powerful words of encouragement to play pulltabs.  Gamblers are always looking for a “edge” in beating the house’s odds for profit.

The best targets for potential buyers of the book are newspapers like the Bingo Bugle, which is national newspaper for bingo players.  Magazines that cater to gamblers: International Gaming & Wagering Business (IGWB), Bingo Business, Indian Gaming and Casino Player

  With many contacts in the gaming industry, the author intends to seek out large group purchases for the book.  In addition, use as a staple premium item for department sales.