Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pull-tabs earn House go-ahead | The Journal Gazette

Pull-tabs earn House go-ahead The Journal Gazette:
"INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana House voted 62-36 Tuesday to allow bars and taverns around the state to offer paper pull-tabs and other low-stakes gambling games.
Rep. Matt Bell, R-Avilla, co-author of House Bill 1153, told his fellow representatives that bars and taverns are struggling and these games could add $1,000 to $2,000 a month in revenue to their bottom line.
“This bill answers the pleas of small-business men across the state,” he said.
The measure legalizes paper pull-tabs, punchboards and tipboards – small paper games of chance currently used for charitable gaming in fraternal clubs and other non-profit organizations."

Smoking ban affecting pull tabs (Proctor, Minnesota) 01-30-2008

Smoking ban affecting pull tabs (Proctor, Minnesota) 01-30-2008:
"This law does not only protect bartenders, it is meant to provide a safe working environment for everyone in the state. This includes those who sell the pull tabs, like Michelle Atwater, 23, who has worked at the PowerHouse for a year. Michelle smokes about a half a pack of cigarettes per day, but she is pleased with the outcome of the Freedom to Breathe Act. “It’s less smoky in here, my clothes don’t stink when I go home from work.”
Pull tabs affected
The pull tab charitable gambling operations in the PowerHouse and Tailgate lounge are run by the Irving Community Club. Donations to area charities such as The Salvation Army, and the Duluth Food Shelf could be reduced if fewer smokers go out and play.
“Oh, it’s been affected,” said Genny Hinnenkamp, gambling manager of the Irving Community Club, “we took the [pull tab] booth out of the Pit Stop in Proctor.”"

Statewide smoking ban dies in committee; pull tabs OK'd | The Star Press - - Muncie, IN

Statewide smoking ban dies in committee; pull tabs OK'd The Star Press - - Muncie, IN:
"INDIANAPOLIS -- Mom and pop bars and restaurants found some hope Wednesday as a House committee killed a statewide smoking ban while legalizing pull tabs and punch boards for businesses licensed to sell alcohol.
'Tobacco is still a legal product,' said Brad Klopfenstein, executive director of Indiana Licensed Beverage Association."

South Washington County Bulletin | Take a chance – get help or suffer

South Washington County Bulletin Take a chance – get help or suffer:

"You play a few pulltabs and walk away — usually a loser — right? Ernie, a local man, was a winner. He kept playing. He kept winning, bought new bicycles for his children and felt on top of the world.
The winning streak in pulltabs progressed to gambling at the casinos and lasted about two years, he said. Then he began to lose.
Four years later, Ernie finally admitted he had an addiction to gambling and joined a Gamblers Anonymous support group. Now, he’s starting a GA group in Cottage Grove."

Chicagoist: Your Weekend Crime Blotter

Chicagoist: Your Weekend Crime Blotter:

"And you thought your dad's rec room was cool: Cops in New Chicago, Indiana (where's that, you ask? Right here!) have busted two seniors for running a bar/casino. This wouldn't be a big deal, of course, if it wasn't out of one of their houses. Is it really that hard to find $1.50 beers in Indiana and a game of pulltabs? Apparently so - over a three hour raid, over 5,000 pull tab games, two dozen slot machine motherboards, and several hundred tip boards. What, no baccarat? Weak."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Green Bay Packers

NFC Championship Game

Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants

At the lengendary Lambeau Stadium!

Go Packers! We are going to put the beat down on the G-men!

Cold or Ice...who cares.

Thursday, January 03, 2008