Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DVD Review for Rent (2006)

Musical emotions run rampant.

When I rented the Rent DVD I was oblivious to any story, music and characters. I did know it was a Broadway show at one time. But that was about it. I sure was in for a surprise when I played this DVD.

Rent takes a one year look into New York’s East Village bohemians. These carefree artists face constant struggles during the late 1980s. The story’s focus is on these two main characters; Mark (Anthony Rapp) an aspiring filmmaker that will just about anything that is not main stream and his roommate is Roger (Adam Pascal) an aspiring songwriter. Shuffle in the many friends who are intertwined in the story of love, sex, drugs, art and friendship.

This DVD musical must be played with a Home Theatre System with Dolby Digital surround sound. The songs come alive with visual art portrayed by the actors/singers. The content hits the heart of its viewer. The dialog is crisp, clear and to the point when sung.

The surprise for me is that I actually will add this DVD to my collection because of the songs. But now I actually know the story behind the music. I will always have Mimi (Rosario Dawson) in my mind during the “Out Tonight” performance at the Catscratch Club. Wow!

Reviewers- Please stop trying to compare film and show experiences. Rentheads go to the theatre. Film enthusiasts purchase this DVD musical. Comparison is futile. Or you will be assimilated in a wash!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Be safe!

Happy Anniversary and St. Patrick's Day! Today is also my 5th wedding anniversary.

How could I ever forget both days?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

DVD Review for Edge of America (2006)

Great film for everyone!

Chris Eyre (Director Smoke Signals, Skins) dribbles us onto the hard court of Three Nations woman’s Basketball. Kenny Williams (James McDaniel) is running from his past. He takes an English teaching position on the Three Nations Reservation in Utah. Unbeknownst to school administrators he is black man. This puts him as a mark for the native students.

Kenny needs some additional income so he thinks of coaching the dismal O’fer Lady Warrior’s basketball team. The interim coach Annie (Irene Bedard) is more of a mother than a coach. The local do-it-all Cuch (Wes Studi) convinces Kenny to coach the woman’s basketball team. Coach Williams soon learns that he is fighting an uphill battle with teamwork and Native family traditions especially Mother Tsosie. (Geraldine Keams)

I absolutely adored this film and totally related to this film. The woman’s balling at my old all Native high school was just as competitive with the more expensed mostly white high schools. The gym, attendance and excitement took me back to the days of playing ball for the love of it and close-knit teammates.

I try not to be a nit pick on an overall good film, but the film started off with some shaky camera angles following Kenny to the Three Nations reservation. (Personal preference) It was probably due to the handheld cameras. After a few minutes it disappeared. Filming the basketball action was comparable to other basketball films that I have seen. But I wished I would have seen the free throws.

Carla (Delanni Studi), Shirleen (Misty Upham) and Marissa (Deanna Allison) are some of the talented actresses that make up the basketball team. Leroy McKinney (Tim Daly/Producer) is the father of Carla who struggles with the loss of his wife. And the angry, outspoken Franklin (Eddie Spears) is Carla’s boyfriend plays his character outstanding. This film contains a lot of talented Native actors who are now more popular since filming.

This film was filmed in 2002 for Showtime. Maybe it’s just me but these films need to get released to the general public faster. Though, money is always at the root of the problem. I have to give kudos to Annie Humphrey’s songs that fit perfectly for this film.

Purchase this DVD for the entire family. There are not many extras on the DVD, but there is a filmography for the main actors.

Monday, March 06, 2006

American Indian Airwaves Rundown 3-8-06

Tune into Listen Live. Streaming internet radio.

Wednesday, 3/8/06, on American Indian Airwaves
Part 1:__________________________________John Trudell ( and Heather Rae, Director join us to discuss the opening in Los Angeles of "Trudell: The Movie" ( at the Lemmele Theater starting March 10th, 2006.

Part 2:__________________________________Arigon Starr (Kickapoo-Creek-Cherokee & Seneca Nations) ( and Thirza Defoe (Lac Du Flambeau Nation) ( join us live in studio as they talk about their work with Native Voices at The Autry (

American Indian Airwaves regularly broadcast every Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm (PCT) on KPFK ( FM 90.7 in Los Angles, FM 98.7 in Santa Barbara, and by Internet with Real Media Player, Winamp, & Itunes

Friday, March 03, 2006

DVD Review “Man of Faith” 2006

Be Healed!
“Man of Faith” was originally developed in 2002 as “The Calling.” The direct to DVD was released January 2006 as “Man of Faith.”

Damian Chapa is the writer/directed and portrays the main character Leroy Jenkins. The DVD is based on the true story of the flamboyant evangelist Leroy Jenkins-And how he became one of the largest ministries in the country. His followers claim he has the power to heal with his hands. Does he truly make miracles happen?

The DVD follows his orphaned childhood through his difficult adult endeavors. Leroy’s own healing experience catapults him into believing. He is taken under the wings of his healing evangelist. Leroy learns the subtle nuisances of running a healing ministry.

The power to heal with faith is a very controversial topic, but this DVD does not take sides to belief or non-belief. It covers the life experiences of a man of faith. And his surrounding cast. The wealth and celebrity status made him a marked man. Leroy has enemies from ever aspect of life trying to destroy his lifestyle.

Robert Wagner (Amos), Faye Dunaway (Mae West) and Jill St. James (Elegant Lady) have cameo appearances. This movie was written with a loose script. It does not tackle any hard facts or any follow up on the healed. It is not filmed in documentary style so don’t expect to be consumed with faith afterwards. Watch it for the moving experience.