Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DVD Review for Rent (2006)

Musical emotions run rampant.

When I rented the Rent DVD I was oblivious to any story, music and characters. I did know it was a Broadway show at one time. But that was about it. I sure was in for a surprise when I played this DVD.

Rent takes a one year look into New York’s East Village bohemians. These carefree artists face constant struggles during the late 1980s. The story’s focus is on these two main characters; Mark (Anthony Rapp) an aspiring filmmaker that will just about anything that is not main stream and his roommate is Roger (Adam Pascal) an aspiring songwriter. Shuffle in the many friends who are intertwined in the story of love, sex, drugs, art and friendship.

This DVD musical must be played with a Home Theatre System with Dolby Digital surround sound. The songs come alive with visual art portrayed by the actors/singers. The content hits the heart of its viewer. The dialog is crisp, clear and to the point when sung.

The surprise for me is that I actually will add this DVD to my collection because of the songs. But now I actually know the story behind the music. I will always have Mimi (Rosario Dawson) in my mind during the “Out Tonight” performance at the Catscratch Club. Wow!

Reviewers- Please stop trying to compare film and show experiences. Rentheads go to the theatre. Film enthusiasts purchase this DVD musical. Comparison is futile. Or you will be assimilated in a wash!
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