Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rosemount High School turns to pull-tabs

Rosemount High School turns to pull-tabs:

"Rosemount High School turns to pull-tabs
Updated: 03/07/2006 11:21:29 PM
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A south Metro school is borrowing a technique from the Little League to keep arts and athletics off of the chopping block. Rosemount High School is using profits from pull-tabs to ensure that programs for their kids have sufficient funding.

McDivot�s Pub and Shenanigans Bar in Rosemount don�t seem like the most obvious places to raise money for high school athletes.

'It�s my bad habit, I play them all over the place' said Jeff Meyer.

But it may not be such a bad habit for high school athletes and artists. In recent years, the school has brought in more than $30,000 per year for students.

'We take it and we split it up, 70 percent goes to the athletic department and 30 percent goes to our fine arts department,' said Mike Manning, of Rosemount High School.

Over the last three years, the money has bought band uniforms, sound equipment, and an athletic traininer.

'If you took that money out of the budget, we would really struggle to provide some of the programs that we do,' Manning said.

Others in the community agree.

'I think anything we do to contribute to the school and to the community� is a good thing,' said Michelle Holly, manager of McDivot�s Pub.

Former Rosemount High School student Lacey Thompson was playing pull-tabs at McDivot�s on Tuesday night. She didn�t win any money.

'It�s nice to know that you�re actually gambling for something good,' said Thompson, who was involved in fine arts.

The school has averaged about $36,000 per year from the pull-tab program over the last three years and hopes to make even mor"
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