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Alicia Key’s New CD "As I Am"

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A Krucial Keys effort

Alicia Key's said in her Thanks section that As I Am was my most "given from the heart" and "mirror of reflection" album to date." It has been four years since her last album was released, The Diary of Alicia Keys. As I Am will not disappoint any Alicia Key's fans. But can it live up to that very successful sophomore album and get any new fans?
I say absolutely! If I Ain't Got You hit the passion overload with everyone on Diary. It absolutely hooked me as a believer in Alicia Key's talents. I think Like You'll Never See Me Again on As I Am is comparable. But to live up to that "got you" passion many live versions must be heard. Superwoman and Lesson Learned with John Mayer are vintage Alicia, great vocals, hooks and lyrics. Alicia sometimes sticks with tried and true melodies too much on her records. And her experimental songs are left up to her live performances. If you missed Alicia's performance at the American Music Awards this year it showed how Alicia expands her musical talent with other music genres. The Reggae and Dancehall legends; Junior Reid, Chaka Demus and Pliers along with Beenie Man complemented Alicia's compilation performance. And stole the show and peer audience.
I will only comment on my favorite songs on this enhanced CD, but all of the songs are good for there own reason. The Thing About Love is a very catchy Doo Wop vibe. (Just up my alley.) Wreckless Love, Sure Looks Good To Me and Go Ahead resonates rhythm and Blues. And the prerelease No One tells it like it is.
I believe in Alicia as a outstanding composer, writer and performer. Her passion is what makes Alicia who she is. She gives it all in every song and it shows. If you asked her why that song was on the album or why did you harmonize it that way, she would completely convince or change the critic's outlook. That includes not only the meaning behind the lyrics but the beats, drums, horns, partnership etc. It give each person an appreciation of her valuable contribution to the music industry. On this enhanced CD there is a behind the scenes studio video that explains Alicia's reasons for Horns and Drums on certain songs on this album. It is a must see.
Hopefully most people don't forget that Alicia not only writes, produces, composes and sings on her songs but she also plays the piano, drums quite well. Of course most critics will find some fault in this album, but once again the lyrics tell her personal journey with a passion that only Alicia can do, As I Am.
So just purchase this album, sit back and enjoy!

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