Saturday, January 14, 2006

DVD review for Serenity (2005)

A great sci-fi movie!

Serenity rebukes the traditional Hollywood system for making TV series into movies. A successful TV series gets its niche viewers established and then a movie deal is struck. Serenity was based on the 2002 Firefly TV series. This series was pulled after its first year. It was not allowed to age and prosper.

After Firefly gets cancelled, Director and writer Joss Whedon decides to make a movie based on his television show Firefly. To build movie hype, He says to his viewers to get the word out utilized unconventional means. First of all he pleads with Firefly viewers to spread the word about his upcoming Serenity movie using internet blogs and chat rooms. The word of the movie Serenity starts running rampant with his new sci-fi thriller.

Serenity stands by itself as a great movie. The viewer can quickly catch on to the feel of the movie. Firefly TV series followers will not be disappointed as Joss Whedon stays the course of the TV series. Humor and action is still utilized along with modern day innuendos which give this movie some repeat viewing.

Capt. Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) commands his lady (Serenity ship) and its crew of personalities. Second command ZoĆ« (Gina Torres), Pilot Wash (Alan Tudyk), Muscle Jayne (Adam Baldwin), Engineer Kaylee (Jewel Straite) and Mal’s flame Inara (Morena Baccarin). When Mal picks up Doctor Simon’s (Sean Maher) sister River (Summer Glau) strange things happen. Everyone is suddenly after them. It could be the Reavers (crazy human cannibals), Alliance assassins and/or possibly his own crew.

I give this DVD a must buy for Sci-Fi thrillers. If you have not seen the Firefly series play the Joss Whedon introduction first. And spread the word.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pull tabs store robbed


Article Published: Sunday, January 08, 2006

By AMANDA BOHMAN, Staff Writer
A man with a gun robbed an Emerald Isle Pull Tabs store on Saturday in what was the third holdup of a Fairbanks business in 15 days.

The man is described as white, of medium height and slender build with blue eyes, said pull tabs store owner Dave Lambert.

The robber donned a ski mask before entering the store in the Washington Plaza off Airport Way about 4 p.m., Lambert said.

He pointed a 9mm semi-automatic pistol at the clerk on duty and a customer, the only two people occupying the store, and demanded money, Lambert said.

The robber placed the cash inside a bag with a drawstring and left the store on foot, the owner said.

"He went off running down toward the Klondike Inn," Lambert said.

The robbery, which transpired in less than a minute, netted the gunman less than $100, Lambert said.

As in a previous pull tabs store robbery, the man was caught on videotape.

A reward will be offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the robber, Lambert said. The reward amount is yet to be determined.

The suspect in two other robberies remains at large.

A man with a gun robbed the Lions Choice Pull Tabs the afternoon of Dec. 23 before disappearing into a swarm of Christmas shoppers at the Bentley Mall. A unidentified man robbed Tahiti Tans on College Road the evening of Jan. 2.

In all three robberies, the man, described as about 5 feet 9 inches tall, covered his face and head and fled the scene on foot. The same weapon seems to have been used in the two pull tabs store robberies.

The suspect in the first pull tabs store robbery reportedly loitered outside the store front for about an hour before entering the store and pointing a gun at the clerk and her son.
The robbery gained the man about $880, and a $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

A man with a face mask and hooded sweatshirt entered Tahiti Tans as the daughter of the owner was cleaning up. The business was closed, but the front door was left unlocked.
The robber kept his hands in his pockets and demanded the woman open the safe. She didn't have the combination, so she directed him to the cash register where there was less than $200.
Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call Fairbanks police at 459-6500 or Fairbanks Crime Stoppers at 456-CLUE.

Reporter Amanda Bohman can be reached at or 459-7544.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Hope everyone made it through the New Year's Eve hustle and bustle. I worked for half the night, so I was servicing. With smiles.

Now the New Year resolutions!
Hmmm, What will it be this year? Weight? Fitness? How about finishing my novel? Yes I think that is it.