Friday, March 03, 2006

DVD Review “Man of Faith” 2006

Be Healed!
“Man of Faith” was originally developed in 2002 as “The Calling.” The direct to DVD was released January 2006 as “Man of Faith.”

Damian Chapa is the writer/directed and portrays the main character Leroy Jenkins. The DVD is based on the true story of the flamboyant evangelist Leroy Jenkins-And how he became one of the largest ministries in the country. His followers claim he has the power to heal with his hands. Does he truly make miracles happen?

The DVD follows his orphaned childhood through his difficult adult endeavors. Leroy’s own healing experience catapults him into believing. He is taken under the wings of his healing evangelist. Leroy learns the subtle nuisances of running a healing ministry.

The power to heal with faith is a very controversial topic, but this DVD does not take sides to belief or non-belief. It covers the life experiences of a man of faith. And his surrounding cast. The wealth and celebrity status made him a marked man. Leroy has enemies from ever aspect of life trying to destroy his lifestyle.

Robert Wagner (Amos), Faye Dunaway (Mae West) and Jill St. James (Elegant Lady) have cameo appearances. This movie was written with a loose script. It does not tackle any hard facts or any follow up on the healed. It is not filmed in documentary style so don’t expect to be consumed with faith afterwards. Watch it for the moving experience.
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