Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smoking ban affecting pull tabs (Proctor, Minnesota) 01-30-2008

Smoking ban affecting pull tabs (Proctor, Minnesota) 01-30-2008:
"This law does not only protect bartenders, it is meant to provide a safe working environment for everyone in the state. This includes those who sell the pull tabs, like Michelle Atwater, 23, who has worked at the PowerHouse for a year. Michelle smokes about a half a pack of cigarettes per day, but she is pleased with the outcome of the Freedom to Breathe Act. “It’s less smoky in here, my clothes don’t stink when I go home from work.”
Pull tabs affected
The pull tab charitable gambling operations in the PowerHouse and Tailgate lounge are run by the Irving Community Club. Donations to area charities such as The Salvation Army, and the Duluth Food Shelf could be reduced if fewer smokers go out and play.
“Oh, it’s been affected,” said Genny Hinnenkamp, gambling manager of the Irving Community Club, “we took the [pull tab] booth out of the Pit Stop in Proctor.”"
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