Wednesday, March 16, 2005

CBS - The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is the best reality show on TV! On this episode Debbie and Bianca get lost after two hours off course. The only team that thinks 100 miles takes two hours to find a marker.
Meanwhile Rob and Amber are playing it smart. Eat four pounds of meat or take a penalty. Rob convinces other teams to take the same penalty, thus he knows he will not be the last team to the pit stop. That is a Survivor move if I ever saw one. This is the first Amazing Race that a team is so blatant in tricking other teams for personal gain. Stealing Debbie and Bianca's cab is mean and excellent at the same time. Until they review the tape after being eliminated.

Rob is playing a Survivor game with the Amazing Race teams. Will his antics hold up? Time will tell. He drops to fifth place after quitting the four pounds of meat. I think as teams get eliminated it will be tougher for him to trick others.
I think the strongest team is Alex and Lynn. The brothers Brian and Greg need to hit into high gear and use their strength to pull to the forefront. Please stop walking while everyone else runs.

Until the next episode.

CBS - The Amazing Race
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