Saturday, March 26, 2005

Favre (2004) Book/DVD review.

By Brett Favre and Bonita Favre
DVD “In Their Own Words: Brett Favre”

Legends last a lifetime!

This book and DVD combo is the ultimate Brett Favre football career highlights. (So far!) “Favre” takes the reader to the earliest years of Brett Favre with his father Irv Favre. Irv coached Brett to have fun playing football. Always. Irv instilled hard work and discipline for all of his sons. Then the book takes the reader to Brett’s NFL years including last years (2004) amazing Monday Night Football game versus the Oakland Raiders. (One day after the death of his father.) Brett tells you what he was thinking and feeling at each highlighted moment.

Contributing writers include: Mark Bowden’s “Love of the Game”, Terry Bradshaw’s “The Best” and Peter King’s “Legend.” Chris Havel (Sports columnist for the Green Bay Gazette), Bonita Favre and Deanna Favre write intimate stories that only can be cherished by the reader.

Being from Packer country I have known the lean years of Packer football. But all Packer fans every year was going to be there year to make the playoffs. Lynn Dickey, James Lofton and John Jefferson come to mind in my time. Those teams were always compared to the Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr championship years. But always came up short.

Bob Harlan hired Ron Wolf. He hired coach Mike Holmgren. Together they brought in Reggie White and Brett Favre to bring a championship back home to the smallest market in the NFL. And they did!

I was very fortunate to see Brett’s Favre replace Don “Majik” Makowski. The gunslinger never looked back. And know the Packers are expected to make the Super Bowl every year. A far cry before Brett Favre!

This book/DVD combo is must for every Packer fan. All NFL football fans will appreciate and treasure our future Hall of Fame quarterback. As a note, NFL films produce the DVD so you know it is the best quality. The book features detailed, action photographs from Mark A. Wallenfang.
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