Monday, June 19, 2006

Court Approves Racino's Non-Slot Machines

Court Approves Racino's Non-Slot Machines: "In this case, the operators did everything right:
Experts designed the game. Multimedia Games, Inc., a large and experienced supplier of Class II and III gaming devices developed the sweepstakes with outside consultants.
Free alternative means of entry were easily available, so that everyone knew they did not have to spend any money to enter this sweepstakes.
They offered a legitimate product at a legitimate price: $1 for four minutes was the going rate for Internet time.
Many patrons did buy the service. The North Dakota Supreme Court held a sweepstakes selling one-minute phone card for $1 was a sham when patrons threw all the cards in the trash.
They checked first with law enforcement. In May 2005 the operators demonstrated the sweepstakes to the Alabama Attorney General's office, supplied additional requested documents and were told that the A.G. considered it to be legal.
They avoided the technicalities of the anti-gambling laws. For example, under Alabama law, a slot machine must be used in the play of the game. Here, the electronic readers did not contain a random number generator; they merely displayed a predetermined result imprinted on the Qcard. "
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