Saturday, June 10, 2006

DVD review for The New World 2006

Beautifully filmed!

This film is Director Terrence Malik’s script interpretation of the first meeting between 17th Century Virginia’s Native Tribes and European colonists. It is marketed as Pocahontas’s (Q’orianka Kilcher) first meeting/love affair with explorer John Smith. (Colin Farrell)

Mr. Malik’s signature film shows the love story between curious, playful Pocahontas and the conflicted explorer John Smith. Language, age and environment barriers are shown through the eyes of Mr. Malik. The nod for Cinematography is not by chance. This beautiful looking film is deliberately lacking dialogue for historical effect that showed the true ethnic barriers. A narrative voice is utilized for effective story telling of John Smith’s writtens.

The romance and passion between two totally different ethnic people from different cultural roles are encompassed in this historical noted timeframe. The clash or initial meeting of ethnic races was just the start of things to come. The brutal reality of that era is portrayed authentic by Malik. But first and foremost this film is a love story shown through the eyes of a one-of-a-kind director Terrence Malik utilizing body movement and visualization.

The “making of” bonus material is worth a viewing. The behind the scenes chapter tells a story of the rough conditions and preproduction detailed events of trying to give this film an authentic 17th century Virginia settlement feel. I.e. Tribal movement, dress, dialog and set construction.

If you are looking for Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans or a Black Robe film this is not it. This is an artsy film telling a stunning visual love story.

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