Monday, December 20, 2004

Collateral (Widescreen 2004) DVD review

Well filmed!

This film is a classic Michael Mann signature genre hit. You know when a serial killer always has a signature. That signature will always be there. Can you see it? Can you feel it? “Collateral” is a signature Michael Mann crime thriller film all the way.

“Collateral” is about a contract killer (Tom Cruise) who has ten hours to kill five people in Los Angeles. The unfortunate cab driver Max (Jamie Foxx) is in the wrong place wrong time when his next fair is Vincent (Mr. Cruise) For a mere $600.00, Max is thrust into driving this hired killer around to each contract or be killed himself. Vincent must be a killing machine to take five people in ten-hour scenario. And he IS.

Tom Cruise absorbs Vincent’s character and brings him to life. Vincent is well schooled and rehearsed in combat, tactical recovery and covert operations. (And he utilizes them all!) The interaction between Max and Vincent is like a clash of opposite polar forces. Different views, personalities and upbringing are topics of discussion. Jamie Foxx plays Max’s character superbly. Max’s growth in the film is only supported by Jamie’s vastly improved acting skills. Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx work well together in this film.

The film takes on a “24” feel for time. But the length of the film is actually two hours. Jada Pinkett Smith takes on a supporting role as a prosecuting attorney. She compliments Foxx’s on screen personality.

If you are a Michael Mann fan, you will not be disappointed with this film. Who doesn’t like Tom Cruise? Jamie Foxx? Okay then see it!

Purchase the widescreen DVD only. Don’t miss this bonus feature; “City of Night: The Making of Collateral” features the actual lead actors discussing their roles. N-I-C-E.

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