Tuesday, December 28, 2004

DVD review I, Robot

Are you decommissioned?

Grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy this action packed sci-fi thriller. “I, Robot” delivers big budget special effects with strategic product placement and Will Smith’s backside. Those are true, time-tested marketing ploys to get some free press. Yes they worked.

“I, Robot” begins with an apparent suicide of an engineer pioneer for U.S. Robotics. Detective Spooner (Will Smith) is sent to investigate. Spooner has a reason to be suspicious of labor robots. Is that why he was chosen as the lead investigator? Someone is trying to leave him clues to a classic robot mystery. (Who operates the robots?)

The NS4 robots are about to replaced with the newer updated model NS5s. Everyone wants and gets one. Hold your flux capacitor, those pesky NS5 models have a secret. One NS5 model (Sonny) is the prime suspect. What. A robot.

The NS4 robots have three rules: Rule #1,Obey humans, Rule #2, Protect humans from harm! Rule #3, everything else not covered by Rule #1 and 2.
Of course human nature must tend its ugly hand. Detective Spooner and Director of Robot Relations Susan (Bridget Moynahan) join forces to destroy (Not kill) the NS5s.

Is this film a premonition of the future of our society? The labor robots do everything from cooking, cleaning and pleasure dealing for humans. Who cares! Can I get one now!

This film utilized mostly green screen acting. Not even noticeable with the actors. The “Making of” is interesting and divulges the green men. The bonus features include upcoming movie trailers of “Electra” and “Robots.”
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