Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Entertaining! DVD review "The Chronicles of Riddick"

“Anger is a gift!” in the words of RATM. Sometimes you feel like crushing and slashing anything in your path. What! Someone cut me off on the highway. While I ought to! Are holiday shoppers pushing and shoving their way to the front of the check out line without conscience? Right in front of you! Can you believe the madness?

“The Chronicles of Riddick” continues the story of a Furian boldly named Riddick (Vin Diesel). Riddick from “Pitch Black” fame emerges from hiding due to an aggressive, money hungry bounty hunter Toombs (Nick Chinlund). Riddick slashes his way back into the limelight on the planet Helion Prime. He confronts a world conquering Lord Marshal (Colm Feore), a Necromonger, who is trying to assimilate planets into his Underverse way of life. The Necromongers are “Death from above” brainwashed assimilated, conquered planet members. (What’s that?)

Riddick jumps to the forefront to help save the world from being conquered. With his night vision sight and unfazed confidence, Riddick fights his way to the final showdown. (Sight unseen)
This movie has awesome special effects and fight scenes. The very hot, hot Crematoria planet jail escape is like putting your hand in a freezer for an hour, then in a butane blue torch flame.

I will patiently wait in line to purchase this DVD as pure entertainment. Enough said!
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