Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Review of movie "The Terminal"

Ensemble cast of characters!

If you see Tom Hanks associated with any movie you think to yourself “This is going to be a good or great movie.” Then you see who the director is; Stephen Spielberg. Yeah, this is going to be a great, can’t miss movie. Right.

The Terminal is about Victor Navorski (Tom Hanks) who is trying to get to New York for a family wish. He is from the fictitious Middle Eastern country Krakozia. While trying to get through customs his country is coup d’etat. Now the United States does not recognize his country, so Victor must stay in the International Arrivals Terminal until his country is recognized or go back to his country under siege.

New York’s Kennedy Airport is the backdrop for The Terminal. A plethora of characters cross the path of Victor. All of these characters fit well into their supporting roles. Stanley Tucci as the hard core Terminal Director who wants Victor out of his terminal at any cost and Catherine Zeta-Jones as a mistress flight attendant stand out. But the housekeeping worker steals the show.

This movie has a cute story that gave me some laughs with a touching plot ending. See this movie for the ensemble of actors. The movie is filmed in realistic terminal conditions. Kudos to Mr. Spielberg!http://www.don-d-basina.com
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