Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Scratch-offs and Instant Lottery tickets!

Scratch-off or Instant Lottery tickets
How do I increase my odds of winning?
Research scratch off games. Do a history search on each game.
The majority of states have online websites that post paid out big winners of each scratch off that is in play. Find out if your state does. There is start date and a date to redeem by for each scratch off in play. If there are any big winners left in pool, play that scratch off.
On the State’s lottery website look for Scratch offs (Scratchers, Instants, Lottery Instants) click on page, then look for unclaimed prizes or claims remaining. Here you will find valuable information regarded remaining big winners available for each scratch off. Some lotteries will only give you big winners remaining as whole. This information does not tell you what amount is needed to determine what a big winner is. It could be as little as $25.00. Call your lottery office to clarify this information.
On the other hand, some lotteries websites (i.e. Minnesota, Washington) will break down each individual scratch offs tiers for the big prize per dollars paid out. (1 of 4 paid out for $1000.00) Click around lotteries website until you find were they post this valuable information. If you can’t find any payout history call lottery offices to see if they offer that on their website. They might only have a hard copy available. Request this payout information for the scratch off that you are going to play.
Each state must have a payout history for each scratch off game. This information might not be available to the public, but it should be. This policy can be changed to favor the scratch off player. Some states offer this already, but it is not publicized. The state lotteries want to keep it low profile. If the payout history for "in play games" is not available write to your state representatives to change this policy. Or just to ask "why!"
Certain scratch offs are played only in designated areas. Look for local or city only areas and not statewide availability scratch offs. Play the scratch off with less location availability. Smaller pools or total number of scratch offs can be determined by looking at the overall odds for the scratch off. Add up all of the tiers or dollar payouts into a dollar amount. This is your total payout. Find the required percentage of payout amount mandated by the state. This is in the Annual Report area. Generally payout percentages are between 60% to 80%. The remaining is profit. Multiply this percentage to the total scratch off payout to get the total number of scratch offs. Play the scratch off with the lowest number of tickets. Each lottery website should have a list of vendors that sell lottery scratch offs. Call each vendor to see if they have that particular scratch off.
As a note, the annual report breaks down the percentage of lottery revenues that goes to profits, charities, education, funds, fees etc. Each state mandates where your lottery dollar goes.
All new scratch offs have a date to start play. Not all scratch offs have a big publicized start date. Maybe you have seen some of them in commercials and radio announcements. "Play this scratch off and win!" The scratch off is probably associated with a big business partner and the business is trying to get some major publicity. This scratch off is probably very huge in total ticket count and available statewide. Look for scratch offs that start without any public notice. Look for a start date and then ask vendors for that particular ticket. Play that scratch off. You know all of the big winners are still available.
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