Thursday, December 23, 2004

"The Bourne Supremacy" DVD review

Suspense thriller that delivers!

I enjoyed the first Jason Bourne movie “The Bourne Identity“. The sequel “The Bourne Supremacy” continues on the same premise and follows Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) five years later. Someone is trying to assassinate him at his secluded beach area of India. Now he must find out who is trying to eliminate him. And find out why!
Jason Bourne is still uncertain of who he is and where he came from. He is a government trained assassin and slowly regaining his memory. He must get answers from his boss and the top secret government program that put a hit on him. (Trenchmark) Jason Bourne is very intelligent and resourceful of his surroundings. Corruption is rampant. Who is going to clean up these loose ends?
"Supremacy" is action packed and filmed with the viewer in mind. This movie is filmed with close up action and cameras everywhere. This movie is a pure suspense thriller that fulfills the bill. Joan Allen (Pamela Landy), Julia Styles (Nicky), Karl Urban (Kirill) and Franka Potente (Marie) are outstanding in their supporting roles.
I found out that the Director Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday, 2002) deliberately tries to get the viewer in each action scene. Handheld cameras where used a lot and Matt Damon did all of his stunts which makes this film entertaining.
I recommend purchasing this DVD because of the behind the scenes commentary.
What I liked the most of the bonus features were the ten minute featurettes of each subject matter. Topics like action fight scenes, Go-mobile (car chases), Explosives and what is it like filming in each country. All of these subjects were commented on by director, actors and producers. Kudos to the producers for filming in the actual city and country of location: Germany, India, Russia, Italy and United States.
Most bonus features on DVDs contain one long “Making of” feature. And you have to weed through some long commentary to find something of interest. Not on this DVD, that’s why I recommend purchasing this DVD.

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