Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Why are there so many BAD drivers?

There are drivers who intentionally cut you off, speed up when you are trying to pass them, slow down when you catch up to them and have the audacity to give you the one finger salute.

It is a game played on the highways and byways of America and abroad. You see drivers looking in the rear view mirror when trying to turn left when they should worry about oncoming traffic. That scenario is a accident waiting to happen. That car is usually t-boned at the intersection. Why? Are you worried about the car behind you? What for? Look at the oncoming traffic. And please get through the intersection as fast as possible. Another t-bone waiting to happen!

What about drivers who actually stay in your blind spot? Do they even know about a blind spot? I actually wonder if they do, because they would be in the accident also. Please stay out of other drivers blind spot! Don't even try to stay on the side of eighteen wheeler. But I see it every day on the freeway.

Where do some drivers get their license? Or do they have one.
I am a defensive driver. I know that. I anticipate what could happen at any given time. I assume that each car on the road is a hazard waiting to happen.

On the other hand, if you are a offensive driver, you probably don't care about anybody else on the road. You are too busy trying to get to "your" destination. Speeding is your game.

You ask, "What about Road Rage?" I will report that after I have tried it.

Until we meet again; ON THE ROAD! Four days til Christmas!

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