Monday, December 20, 2004

Packer Mondays!

When the Green Bay Packers lose on Sunday, it is a very rough Monday morning. First you have to listen to all of the nay sayers. "I told you so!" Yeah, Yeah Okay they lost. But they are going to the playoffs this year again. We have two games to try to mend our porous defense.

The Jags did in the Pack yesterday. Brett Favre's interceptions. Yikes!

Can the defense, turnovers and penalties be fixed in time for the playoffs? Time will tell.

I live and die with the Packer season. Ups and downs. Curve balls and maybe Dodgeball. My ranting and raving on this Monday comes at the hands of the Packers.

Work seems like WORK today. Maybe I should be doing some work.

Next up. The Minnesota Vikqueens on Christmas Eve. This is for the NFC North division title. I believe it can be done.

Now be quiet and get to work.
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