Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Trades - Book Review: Santa Claus

The Trades - Book Review: Santa Claus:
"Santa Claus is one of those new breed of interactive books -- not really pop-up, but filled with pull-tabs, fold outs, tiny booklets within a book, and sealed envelopes of surprises.

Santa Claus is not a story, but an Encyclopedia Phantasmagorica, going into tremendous detail about the North Pole, the way the elves grow food, how the mail room operates, the make-up of Santa's magical suit, and all the technical specifications about the sled: length, power, and all the tricked out special equipment like the altitude regulator, bubble timer, and enchanted cargo hold.

Of course, there's more prosaic information as well that you could research out of a regular reference book -- like the origins of the Christmas tree, a little about the different animals that live at the North Pole, the background on St. Nicholas of Myra, and actual sightings of Santa, like this one: "
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