Friday, December 29, 2006 - Burning it up at both ends - Burning it up at both ends:
"LUCKY LOUIE'S, Nugget Mall, suite 26: With hanging plants and dollar signs ringing the wooden counter, Louie's ambiance can be overwhelming at first.
But then there's Jerry Horton, a pulltab dealer since 1989.
'I tell people, 'Just play the game that says 'Buy me,'' Horton said.
All pulltab parlors are limited to those 21 and over and sell nothing more potent than Mountain Dew. The most you can win on one ticket is $500.
Though the chance to win big pulls people in, it's often the dealer and those smaller payoffs that keep people coming back.
'You want people to have a good time when they're spending their money,' Horton said. ' You should play the game because it's fun. It's gambling, that's what you have to realize when you walk in here. You can't just walk in and expect to win every time you play, because that doesn't happen.'
Louie's raises money for six different organizations, including SEADOGS (Southeast Alaska Dogs Organized for Ground Search), Juneau Mountain Club and Juneau Wrestling.
Parlors pay 30 percent of their gross profits to nonprofit organizations. The total amount varies each year, depending on sales.
'There are a lot of charities that want their permits run, but there's not enough shops to run them,' Horton said. 'The ones that we have, we've had for a long time, several years at least.'
Criss Cross, a $1 card, is one of the most popular games in Juneau. The current version at Lucky's has 2,219 tickets, with four cards paying $100, four paying $75, four paying $50, 12 paying $20, 60 paying $5 and 200 paying $2.
'Even though it doesn't pay out a lot, you get a lot of playbacks from that game,' Horton said. 'People like wi"
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