Saturday, December 03, 2005

DVD Review for Red Blood (2001)

Starting Point! 2 of 5 stars.

Is this movie a classic? That’s what Canyon Press Entertainment is calling this movie. They are the producer, distributor and writer for this Native film. This was their first full length feature. Canyon Press “produces and distributes feature films with distinctly American themes, usually pertaining to the West and Native American subjects.”
Red Blood is about Native American comic Jimmy White Cloud. (David Midthunder) Jimmy is unknowingly given a notebook that belongs to some New York mobsters. Jimmy is being hunted down by the hit men for that “numbers” notebook, so he decides to head back to his rez somewhere in Arizona.
The rez is where Jimmy is in his element and the mobsters are not. Jimmy’s grandfather (Lee White Star) is a medicine man with special powers. Jimmy also finds solace on his rez. He meets a rez snag in Sally Meets the Moon. (Victoria Regina) But will the mobsters follow him and take the rez?
This movie is a low budget film and it shows. The acting is not very creative and the writing is just plain bad. The positive scenes were of reservation life and some scenes of tribal politics that is probably unknown to the general public. The rez bar was a very accurate portrayal. But the gun toting natives are somewhat hilarious.
This film is a starter film. Hopefully Canyon Press will learn from the reviews of this film. As with a lot of low budget films there are some crossover jobs from acting to behind the scenes. I have to give Royce Gracie (Joey) some recognition for his special appearance. He is the five-time Ultimate Fighting Champion.

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