Saturday, December 10, 2005

DVD Review for Nate and the Colonel (2003)

Improving with experience! 4 of 5 stars.

Canyon Press Entertainment’s second full length feature is positive step forward from their previous release Red Blood. Nate and the Colonel was written and directed by Paul Winters (Colonel Ben “Bloody” Loftin) Paul is also the producer for Canyon Press. This film received the “Best Feature Film” from the 2004 American Indian L.A. Film & Television Awards.

Nate and the Colonel stars; Paul Winters, Ricco Ross (Nate), Mark S. Brien (Hunting Thunder), Al Harrington (Standing Elk), Carlos Milano (Maj. JJ. Haskell), and David Midthunder (Kills the Enemy). When Confederate Colonel Loftin steals a huge gold shipment from the Union Cavalry headed by Major Haskell all bets are off trying to retrieve it. Maj. Haskell makes the gold retrieval his life long retirement after the Revolutionary war is over.

Major Haskell kills the wife of Colonel Loftin looking for the gold. The Colonel and his lifelong slave Nate head out west to look for revenge. Along the way they save an Ojibwe elder Standing Elk which will help them in the end of there conquest.

This visual stunning film is focused with positive energy and understanding of Native American traditions. I felt it could have been shorten in time length. Ricco Ross does an outstanding acting job with his character Nate. The dress and Native American teepees could have been better constructed. I am betting because of budget concerns that certain items get cut. If this film had backing by a big Hollywood production company it could have made more impact at the cash register.

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