Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Might the slippery slider stop their own slide? - The Bluffton News-Banner

Might the slippery slider stop their own slide? - The Bluffton News-Banner:
"Amid my concerns about Indiana’s continuing slide down the slippery slope of gambling, I never anticipated hearing similar concerns from an unlikely source ... the gambling industry itself.
Indiana depends upon gambling revenues for too much of its budget, the state has no business promoting the prospect of getting something for nothing, and the biggest contributors to state coffers through the casinos is too often those who can least afford it. Beyond that, I have no problem with the whole issue.
With the opening of the new slots casino at the Anderson horse race track and the soon-to-be opening of a similar facility just southeast of Indianapolis, we heard the first grumblings from paradise: the operators of the casinos along the Ohio River are worried about losing business to these upstarts.
Hmmm. Too bad.
As I’ve lamented before in this space, the new slots-only casinos will surely argue at some point that they may as well have table games. Meanwhile, privately-owned bars will complain that they are having trouble competing with the fraternal-organization bars (who are being allowed to sell pull-tabs). Once the corner bar has pull tabs, the CherryMasters will return and soon we’ll have a mini-casino on every corner."
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