Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Economy pulling the rug out from under pulltabs

Economy pulling the rug out from under pulltabs:
"Blame it on the economy, soaring gasoline prices and the state's smoking ban in bars. Pulltab sales and other forms of gambling are way down -- and nonprofit organizations from American Legion halls to athletic associations say they're feeling the crunch.
Those involved with the organizations in the south metro area say they're most pained because of a consequence of the drop: It's crippling their tradition of giving scholarships and other help to those in need.
'We still do it, but we can't do it to the degree that we want to,' said Tom (Digger) Anderson, general manager of Dan Patch American Legion Post 643 in Savage. 'There's just not the discretionary income out there, and people are tightening the belt.'"
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