Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daniels warily signs pull-tabs into law | The Journal Gazette

Daniels warily signs pull-tabs into law The Journal Gazette:
"INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Mitch Daniels hesitated before signing a bill Wednesday that would allow Hoosiers to gamble in bars and taverns around the state.
Instead, he considered allowing it to become law without his signature – a move somewhere between approval and veto.
In the end, Daniels released a statement saying he decided “to accede and defer to the clear will of the people’s representatives and sign (House Enrolled Act) 1153, permitting tightly regulated, low-stakes wagering in Indiana’s for-profit taverns, matching that already legal in non-profit establishments.”
He went on to say that Hoosiers believe in freedom but also personal responsibility in the exercise of liberties.
“I sign this bill with misgivings and caution, and the hope that any Hoosiers who choose to risk their money in these games will do so responsibly and with extreme care,” Daniels said.
It was one of 19 bills that the governor signed into law Wednesday.
The gambling measure allows bars and taverns to offer Type II gaming, which largely consists of small paper games of chance like pull-tabs, punchboards and tipboards, starting this July."
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