Saturday, March 01, 2008

Casper Star-Tribune Online - Casper

Casper Star-Tribune Online - Casper:
"Wyoming law forbids gambling unless a nonprofit corporation operates bingo or pull tabs to raise money, and the law requires the game to be traditional paper bingo with players using daubers to mark the numbers on the cards.

Electronic bingo is illegal except at casinos operated by Indian tribes. E-bingo can play like gambling machines in Las Vegas-style casinos, and depending on the games and machines, e-bingo players can finish up to 90 cards a minute.

Some fraternal organizations and nonprofit organizations had e-bingo machines until January 2005 when the Wyoming Supreme Court declared them gambling machines. Those organizations claimed the loss of those machines cost them significant revenues compared to offering only paper bingo.

Now, two major bingo halls remain in Casper: Hilltop Bingo operated under the auspices of the Lions Club of Casper, and Troopers Bingo operated under the auspices of The Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps."
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