Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New state gambling laws doom poker clubs, Cherry Masters | The Star Press - - Muncie, IN

New state gambling laws doom poker clubs, Cherry Masters The Star Press - - Muncie, IN:
"Regular players
A handful of poker players were standing outside Royal Crown Wednesday night, talking about the club closing as dealers planned some big dealouts on the final night.
'This is a club and it should be left as a club,' said Joe Ramos, a former dealer and player.
Ramos said Texas Hold'em offered entertainment for many people, with as many as 100 people a night playing at the downtown club.
'I guess I could go to a bar, get drunk and then get pulled over,' he said.
Ryan Clements, who runs the club, said the closing would be like losing family given the number of regular players.
'We have never had any problems,' Clements said.
The closing puts 15 people out of work and shutters a downtown storefront. Koger said she was still looking at how the club might be turned over to a charity.
Rep. Dennis Tyler, D-Muncie, voted for HB 1510, and said he did not know the bill would put Texas Hold'em clubs out of business. Tyler also has been criticized by some bar and restaurant owners for approving slot machines at horse tracks, including nearby Hoosier Park, while outlawing other gaming in other establishments.
'We did that to have property tax relief,' Tyler said, referring to how money from slots would fund property tax rebate checks to homeowners.
Tyler had a bill to legalize drawings, polls and pull tabs in bars, but that legislation never got in the final bill. He will renew those efforts during the short session."
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