Friday, May 11, 2007

Journal Gazette | 04/25/2007 | Legislators consider pull-tabs for taverns

Journal Gazette 04/25/2007 Legislators consider pull-tabs for taverns:

"INDIANAPOLIS – An attempt to crack down on illegal gambling could include a measure to allow bars and taverns to offer paper pull-tab games.
The discussion occurred Tuesday during the first public negotiation on a charity gaming bill that also seeks to limit Cherry Master machines.
There was little comment about the original core of the House Bill 1510, which updates provisions for the Indiana Gaming Commission on various charitable gaming issues.
But committee members considered allowing bars and taverns that initially sought authority to operate electronic gaming devices to instead have paper pull-tabs, a game similar to one offered by the Hoosier Lottery and something already allowed in charitable fraternal organizations or clubs.
Pull-tab distributors describe them as small paper games of chance used for profit-making or fundraising. The front side of the pull-tab shows winning combinations of symbols and prizes a player can win. The back side of the pull tab has windows to open. If the symbols underneath the pull-tab windows match the winning combinations on the front of the pull tab, the player wins.
Testimony indicated that pull-tab tickets would cost $1 each. The low-stakes game pays back about 70 percent of the money, with 30 percent of the revenue retained by the owner or group running the game."
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