Friday, May 11, 2007

Gambling compromise sought

Gambling compromise sought:
"INDIANAPOLIS -- State lawmakers seeking a compromise on legislation to crack down on illegal gambling are considering whether to let bars and restaurants sell low-wager paper gambling cards, as nonprofit clubs are allowed to do.
The pull-tabs -- small paper games of chance, typically sold for $1 each -- are common in bars and taverns. Although the cards are illegal, the law rarely is enforced. But bars risk fines, criminal charges or loss of their liquor licenses if caught selling them.

That risk could become greater under House Bill 1510, which is designed to clamp down on illegal gambling, in part by adding 25 excise officers and a special prosecutor to pursue the cases.
Yesterday, Brad Klopfenstein, executive director of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association, urged the conference committee looking for a compromise to consider letting bars and restaurants that sell alcohol have some small form of legal gambling. "
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