Wednesday, July 19, 2006

MPR: Tribes say government trying to restrict gaming

MPR: Tribes say government trying to restrict gaming:
"The National Indian Gaming Commission is wrestling with a big issue that could affect Indian gaming in Minnesota. It's trying to decide if playing bingo on a video game is the same as playing a casino slot machine.

The federal agency holds a hearing in Minnesota Monday regarding rule changes for so-called video bingo machines. Some tribal officials say it's an attempt to restrict Indian gaming.

Mahnomen, Minn. � There are three classes of Indian gaming. Class 1 includes traditional games of chance used for ceremonies or celebrations.
Class 2 gaming includes bingo and pull-tabs. Class 2 gaming is not covered under gaming compacts between tribes and states, and the state has no regulatory authority over class 2 games.
Finally, there are class 3 games, the high-stakes slot machines and card games played in casinos, that are allowed by tribal/state compacts."
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