Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Man wins $400, then robbed with hatchet

Man wins $400, then robbed with hatchet:
"A man who won $400 in pull-tabs at a Hanover bar was chased down and robbed with a hatchet, police say.
The victim, known as Shaun, won the money at the Hilltop Bar in the town in western Hennepin County.
Police say as he walked home early Tuesday morning along County Road 117, he was chased down by John Bing and Jacques Lafrenier.
Lafrenier chased him with the truck and Bing chased him on foot, wielding the hatchet.
The victim took cover in a ditch and threw his wallet at Bing, giving up his winnings.
During the chase, one of the suspects referred to the victim using the �n� word, even though the victim is in fact Caucasian.
Bill Chandler of the Hennepin County Sheriff�s Office says the crime is relatively rare.
�This is one of the few times we�ve had somebody running after someone with a hatchet,� Chandler says.
Lafrenier and Bing were caught soon afterward.
The victim was not hurt in the robbery."
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