Thursday, February 18, 2016

Security and Verification Systems

Security and Verification Systems
  To keep the integrity of sales, security and verification systems should be utilized.  From the manufacture down to the sales personnel, the author details every aspect of keeping everything secure.  Utilizing verification codes to deter theft.  Scams and theft are a part of gambling that needs to be researched before it happens.  Also, security controls and procedures do not have to slow down sales.
¨      Verification codes.”  Protect your investment.  Spotting fakes and using the codes to the fullest.
¨      “Pulltab Fraud.”  How to detect. A check list is included to further detail what to look for.
¨      “Inventory Control.” Starting from the manufacture, pulltabs need to be accounted for and controlled at each step of the sales process. 

Other sections: “Video Surveillance and Pulltab Playbacks.”
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