Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Insider's Guide Instant Win Tickets Pulltabs


 The Insider’s Guide Instant Win Tickets is a non-fiction, how-to informative guidebook on all aspects of the instant win ticket industry.  It will cater to instant win ticket and lottery players, in addition, to all gamblers who are looking to beat the odds.  From how to sell, how to play and how to profit, the book will answer questions not covered from another single source.
Number of pages: 83
Word count: 15253

  Instant win tickets are called different names in different areas.  Here are a few:  Pulltabs, break opens, bingo tickets, pickles, instant games, paper slot machines and rip offs. The author will use pulltabs as the reference for instant win tickets.

  Throughout the years of working as a department manager for pulltab operations, many questions were asked of the author on successful pulltab sales techniques.  The Insider’s Guide Instant Win Tickets gives pulltab player’s tips and techniques to winning more often and gives the entrepreneur a “How-to” guide for setting up and selling pulltabs.  The book helps curve the frustration of implementing new pulltab operations by giving a step-by-step guide through procedural processes.

  Pulltabs have preset payouts.  There is a definite payout amount and a definite profit amount.  A pulltab player should know the odds of winning. With the author’s formulas, pulltab odds of winning can easily be determined.  Games of skill like poker and blackjack require research to maintain odds in the player’s favor.  Pulltab players need research to keep odds in their favor.  A house’s edge is hard to decipher.  With The Insider’s Guide Instant Win Tickets, gamblers will calculate the odds of winning pulltabs.  With behind-the-scenes operations, the player will increase odds for a big win.

  Gambling has steadily increased over the years.  With the Native American casinos in the majority of U.S. states today, pulltabs have gained popularity.  Overall sales have increased for casinos when pulltabs were introduced.  The casino’s with a variety of gaming devices have succeeded in keeping their customer’s happy.  With this in mind, many lottery states have introduced a line of pulltabs to feed the public demand. 

  The most popular instant win ticket is the scratch off ticket.  Even though the prize concept is the same as a pulltab, the main difference is how the prize amount is revealed.  Scratching off a thin coat of wax, compared to pulling a cardboard paper window.  In The Insider’s Guide Instant Win Tickets, the author included a comparison chapter on scratch off tickets.

  Instant win tickets all have the same style of play.  They are a straightforward style of gambling.  In gambling establishments, pulltabs compete for play with other well-known forms of gambling devices like bingo, slots and blackjack in casinos worldwide.  U.S. lottery states have pulltab divisions to increase the overall profit margin.  With scratch-offs, lotto numbers and multi-state lotto’s, state lotteries do not have the advertising budget to promote pulltabs as a mass media event. 

  Pulltabs are a great fund raising tool for charities and organizations that need a profit.  Pulltabs were once restricted to bingo parlors and available for sale only at charity fund raising events.  Today, they are widely available at bingo halls, taverns, festivals and lottery outlets.  Pulltabs have general knowledge status in the gaming world. Moneymaking opportunities do not go unnoticed.  

  Native American casinos have introduced the pulltab to the high stakes gambler looking for an odds-in-my-favor device.  Changing the amount of winnings and adjusting to the customer’s demand has made pulltabs an odds edge game in knowledgeable players.  The key word is knowledgeable.  Many gamblers do not know the odds for pulltabs, so they play randomly and lose on a consist basis.  Selling pulltabs has made the author more aware of player’s needs.  Being on the for-profit side has created a “how to” dilemma in getting the knowledge out to players.

 The Insider’s Guide Instant Win Tickets will give the gambler the knowledge, whether novice or  professional, the know how to win more frequently when playing pulltabs.  In addition, the entrepreneur or new management personnel in gaming can utilize this book as a guide to implement a sales department.  The author included chapters on “security” and “inventory control” to keep the integrity of pulltab sales honest.  
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