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  The Insider’s Guide Instant Win Tickets is divided into five chapters: “Description,” “Selling Pulltabs,” “Marketing/Promotions,” “Security and Verification Systems” and “Tips and Techniques.”  Each chapter is separated into sub-sections and organized with easy-to-understand applications.

Description of an instant win ticket: pulltab
  Pulltab tickets come in many different varieties.  The author describes how they are made and explains the front/back of the ticket.  With diagrams, a mock ticket describes the meaning of each symbol and word.  The majority of the consumers are not aware of what is on the face of a pulltab.  Some symbols are security and inventory control mechanisms to help track what is sold and paid out.  Other symbols help the knowledgeable purchaser to calculate their odds of winning.  I explain in depth each meaning.
¨      “Varieties of pulltabs.”  There are many different combinations of pulltab play.  The author utilizes a step-by-step guide how to play each style of ticket.
¨      “Exclusives.”  Throughout the United States there are different styles of pulltab play.  The names are different, but determining a winning ticket is not.

  This chapter gives in depth point of sales techniques and phrases to use when selling pulltabs.  Increase sales by getting a more one-on-one personal touch.  The pulltab sales training section has cash transaction scenarios to set-up for real life sales experience.  In addition, helpful hints on getting regular customers for repeat buying.
Sections included:
¨      “Pulltab carts.” How to utilize these mobile selling machines.
¨      “Pulltab booths.”  How to get the most out of a stationary outlet.  Including, how to setup displays and advertisements.
¨      “Pulltab machines.”  Dispensing machines increase overall profit.  The key is location.
¨      “Designing pulltabs.”  There is no better way to increase sales.  Design a pulltab that customers will purchase for years.

  This section goes over promotions that can increase profits.  From raffles to contests, the author gives, in detail, how to run a successful promotion campaign.  Sample survey questions are given to get demographics of pulltab players.
¨      “Pulltab Raffle.”  Raffles are well known and a great draw for the everyday player.
¨      “Pulltab Contests.”  Three contests to mix up the daily flow of operations.  They are a great attraction.
¨      “Pulltab Bingo.”  To create cross-selling between bingo players and pulltab players, this game is unlimited in potential prizes.
¨      “Promotional Pulltabs.”  A free pulltab that can be used as a direct mailer or a traffic flow guide to sale pulltabs.
¨      “Pulltab Complimentary.”  All guests like comp service.  Keep repeat guests happy.
Other sections: “Premium items,” “Theme nights” and “Emcee.”

Security and Verification Systems
  To keep the integrity of sales, security and verifications systems should be utilized.  From the manufacture down to the sales personnel, the author details every aspect of keeping everything secure.  Utilizing verifications codes to deter theft.  Scams and theft are a part of gambling that needs to be researched before it happens.  Also, security controls and procedures do not have to slow down sales.
¨      “Verifications codes.”  Protect your investment.  Spotting fakes and using the codes to the fullest.
¨      “Pulltab Fraud.”  How to detect. A check list is included to further detail what to look for.
¨      “Inventory Control.” Starting from the manufacture, pulltabs need to be accounted for and controlled at each step of the sales process. 
Other sections: “Video Surveillance and Pulltab Playbacks.”

Tips and Techniques
  This chapter is specifically for players.  The tips and techniques given are for increasing the player’s odds of winning.  The experience given, along with the formulas the author developed, will give the pulltab player the “edge.”
¨      “Formulas.”  The odds of winning each tier (prize level) can be figured by utilizing these formulas.  It will give the player the complete odds of play before starting to play.  The majority of instant win ticket payout percentage is unknown.  Calculate that percentage, then play the highest payout percentage.

¨      “Posted winners.” Depending on locality, posting all the top prizes will give the player increased odds.  As prizes are won they are crossed out on the winner’s board.  The player knows what prizes are won and what ones are still available.  In addition, all of the tickets in that particular deal are also displayed.  Common deduction determines how much money is available against what tickets are unsold.  Odds in the players favor!
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