Friday, July 10, 2015

Pulltab Market sample

The Market

  The United States gaming/casino industry has sales estimated at $7 billion dollars annually. (Target Marketing, March 1999)  Ninety two percent of U.S. adults say casino entertainment is acceptable for themselves or others.  In 1999, worldwide sales for instant tickets totaled twenty six billion dollars.  United States alone totaled fourteen billion dollars.  There are thirty states that have lotteries. Thirty-two states allow casino gambling in one form or another.  Lottery states are a great sales outlet for instant win tickets.

  Demographics of players or potential buyers of book:  All gamblers, whether novice or professional can utilize this book.  The book can be used as a quick reference guide for pulltab formula calculation.  The majority of pulltab players have to be eighteen in age. The National Research Council found that 80% of people gambled at least once in their lifetime.
Where to sell book besides bookstores: gas stations, bingo halls, casino’s, lottery outlets

  The Insider’s Guide for Pulltabs will give the gambler the knowledge to win playing pulltabs.  In addition, the entrepreneur or new management personnel in gaming can utilize this book as a guide to implement a sales department.

  Fund raising organizations and charities have included pulltab sales in their bingo sessions to increase their bottom line.  Pulltabs have gained popularity over the years and now included in the annual gaming conferences. This moneymaking opportunity is easy to implement and operate.  Selling pulltabs is very attractive to entrepreneurs, but some research is needed.  With the “marketing/promotion” chapter, the author gives numerous antidotes on lagging sales.  With many years of experience, the author details promotions for increasing revenue. 
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