Monday, September 08, 2014

Pull-Tab Tips and Techniques sample

Tips and Techniques
  This chapter is specifically for players. The tips and techniques given are for increasing the player’s odds of winning. The experience given, along with the formulas the author developed, will give the pulltab player the “edge.”
“Formulas.” The odds of winning each tier (prize level) can be figured by utilizing these formulas. It will give the player the complete odds of play before starting to play. The majority of instant win ticket payout percentage is unknown. Calculate that percentage, then play the highest payout percentage.
“Posted winners.” Depending on locality, posting all the top prizes will give the player increased odds. As prizes are won they are crossed out on the winner’s board. The player knows what prizes are won and what ones are still available. In addition, all of the tickets in that particular deal are also displayed. Common deduction determines how much money is available against what tickets are unsold. Odds in the players favor!
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