Wednesday, January 14, 2009


brings you the best Online Bingo Gaming Brands and Software solutions that are defining in the market place. Affiliate Arena offers the highest Online Bingo commission schemes including CPA and Revenue share deals. We offer as an opening promotion to all new Affiliates 40% Revenue share guaranteed for 2 months.The Bingo market is a staggering $12bn

per year and also experiencing unprecedented growth with new markets
opening up. We recognize that such a large community requires a multi disciplined and communal gaming experience and we intend to be at the forefront of functionality and fun. Our products are an effective mixture of a top class bingo platform with a large body of instant games which are appropriate for the market for example Slots, scratch cards, high/lows, pull tabs and some unique signature games. We will implement effective change to the industry by continual growth and development. Become an affiliate with us and join our Bingo affiliate program in return we will offer the best commissions in the Bingo industry. Bingo players are loyal and as a consequence this could make for large and profitable returns to partners with us. Join today and start earning thousands of dollars a month by generating traffic to our gaming model. Our program is officially CAP (Casino Affiliate Programs
) Certified.
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