Sunday, August 03, 2008

CrossPoint pastor: Bingo would open ‘Pandora’s Box’ | | Gadsden Times | Gadsden, AL

CrossPoint pastor: Bingo would open ‘Pandora’s Box’ Gadsden Times Gadsden, AL:
"The pastor of one of Etowah County’s largest Baptist churches said he hopes a meeting this week of local churches will help mobilize a fight against electronic bingo in the county.

The Rev. Bruce Word, senior pastor of CrossPoint Community Church, said he would like for the County Commission to call for an advisory, non-binding election on the question of electronic bingo because at least three developers are considering bingo-related developments in the county.

He said the people could vote on the issue of electronic bingo to give the commission “a feel” as to the public sentiment on the issue. He said the commission then could set high standards to block electronic bingo from coming in.

Word said the Legislature then could pass a constitutional amendment calling for a vote to restrict bingo to bingo cards and to not allow electronic bingo.

“It’s the scale of it,” Word said of his concern about electronic bingo, which has been allowed in the county for almost 20 years.

He said the proposed facility would help some people but is not on the smaller scale of bingo, which currently benefits five local nonprofits that operate the games at a rented facility off North 12th Street."
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