Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SW Iowa News - Second phase of lottery security starts Monday

SW Iowa News - Second phase of lottery security starts Monday:
"Starting today, Iowa lottery players can receive a receipt every time they check or cash a lottery or instant-scratch ticket at any retailer.
The receipts are the second phase of the Iowa Lottery's enhanced player security program.
New security measures were implemented in March with the 'Sign it' campaign, which requires a signature on the back of every redeemed ticket.
'By having the player sign the back of the ticket and having a receipt available any time a lotto or scratch ticket is checked or cashed, both the player and the retailer are protected,' said Iowa Lottery Acting Chief Executive Officer Ken Brickman.
Beginning today, two receipts will be printed - one for the retailer and one for the lottery player - that show whether a ticket has won. The new step helps ensure the player receives the prize due, without any confusion over the amount.
'The Iowa lottery wants to do everything it can to prevent even the slightest possibility of fraud,' Brickman said.
Only pull-tabs will be exempt from new receipt procedures because the amount is already printed plainly on the front of the ticket."
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