Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bill Targets Illegal Gambling Machines - Politics News Story - WRC | Washington

Bill Targets Illegal Gambling Machines - Politics News Story - WRC Washington:

"'These machines have sprung up almost like a disease,' Miller said, answering reporters' questions about the bill, which is set to be introduced Wednesday.
Supporters say the recent proliferation of illegal gambling machines in southern Maryland and other parts of the state must be stopped, because they are creating an underground economy with no state oversight.
'We need to take the money out of these private entrepreneurs who are operating illegally in the state and what we need to do is get a handle on this so that the state can once again get control of the lottery revenues,' Miller, D-Calvert, said.
The measure targets gambling on electronic slot machines, video poker, electronic bingo and electronic pull tabs.
Sen. Thomas 'Mac' Middleton, D-Charles, is sponsoring the bill in the Senate, and Delegate Frank Turner, D-Howard, is sponsoring a similar measure in the House.
Anne Arundel and Calvert counties are allowed to use instant bingo machines for charitable purposes. The trouble apparently took root after people saw them being used, causing bars and restaurants in Baltimore city and other counties to start setting them up too, without authorization."
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